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The Maine Licensed Private Investigators Association (MLPIA) is an association made up of professional investigators, such as you, who devote their time and effort to a common cause.  Membership in a professional association reflects your understanding of the importance of professional networking and you’re an invested member of the career field you’d like to join.

There are many benefits to becoming a MLPIA member, a few of which are:

  • Court-Appointed Work:  Recently, MLPIA submitted a proposal to the Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services (MCILS) requesting that the current hourly rate of $25.00 per hour be increased to $35.00 per hour and then a year later to $40.00 per hour.  
  • Website:  Our newly-designed website allows for users to search for a private investigator by location and/or area of expertise.  Members also have the option to include a bio and a photograph.  MLPIA has, and continues to be, number 1 in search engines.  For those investigators who do not have a website and do not want to invest in a website, you can obtain new clients through our website.  If you already have a website, you will still obtain new clients and your name will show up more often being a member of MLPIA.  
  • Networking:  There are five general meetings held during the course of the year at various locations in Maine.
    - PI’s new to the business can seek guidance from experienced members.  Our experienced members are always happy to answer questions and help/mentor our newer members.
    - Each meeting includes time to socialize and have dinner.
    - If you are looking for work, our members refer work to other members.   
    - If you need help with work, our members will work a case for you or with you.  Most of us are “1 man/woman offices.”   Being a member, allows you to instantly utilize the services of other investigators.   You will look like a rock star to clients when you can take on cases all over the State of Maine. 
  • Education:  MLPIA sponsors at least one annual conference to provide our members the ability to learn new skills at a reasonable cost. 
  • Newsletter:  MLPIA produces a quarterly newsletter full of the latest news and tips. 
  • List-serve:  Members have access to a list serve where members can keep up to date on industry news.  Members can post inquiries to the membership.  Want to know what company has the best price on insurance or bonds?  Send out an email to the membership and you’ll have your answer. 
  • Member Discounts:  MLPIA has teamed up with businesses to provide discounts for our members.              

To join, simply fill out an application (application is available here).  Your $100 investment in dues will easily pay for itself.

Why We Formed

  • Recognized a need for high principles of ethical conduct and to establish goals for professional conduct and behavior
  • To mandate high standards of personal and professional conduct.
  • To promote and encourage professionalism in the Private Investigator profession and advance professional ethics in the State of Maine.
  • To advance the educational and social standing of the membership of the association.
  • To promote cooperation between its membership, legislature and allied professionals.


The Professional Legal Investigator is dedicated to the pursuit of truth. We are licensed and bonded professionals. We conduct ourselves under the laws of the state of Maine and the United States. It is the intention of every member of the Maine Licensed Private Investigators Association (MLPIA) to subscribe to the high ethical standards set forth in our code of ethics. Every investigator pledges to deal honestly, justly and courteously with all and to uphold the American ideas of fairness and justice as provided for in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Code of Ethics

  1. The professional licensed investigator shall conduct themselves, at all times, within the laws of the State of Maine and all applicable local or Federal laws, statutes, directives or ordinances The investigator shall have a working knowledge of the Maine Criminal Code, MRSA 17-A, in addition to all state and Federal laws affecting the business of professional, licensed, legal investigation in addition to all Privacy laws. The professional licensed investigator will adhere to and abide by all provisions of both the Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act and the Maine Driver License Privacy Protection Act. The Investigator will not, knowingly, violate the rights of any citizen as granted under both the United State and the Maine Constitution.
  2. The professional investigator will make all reporting on the basis of truth and fact. The investigator shall not misrepresent their work and will only express honest opinions based on his/her observations. The investigator will not suggest, condone, engage or otherwise participate in any form of entrapment.
  3. The professional licensed investigator will never disclose, relate or betray in any fashion the trust and confidence placed in the investigator by any client, attorney or business entity without the consent of said person, client or business entity..
  4. The professional licensed investigator will extend the effectiveness of this profession by cooperating with fellow professionals so long as it does not violate the interests of the investigators clients or employees.
  5. The licensed legal profession will, when the appropriate time arises, educate the public and others as to the true nature of the licensed legal profession and the role that they play within the justice system. At no time will the licensed legal investigator identify themselves as a Law Enforcement Officer, an Officer of any Federal or State agency or in any fashion that could be construed as a person with special or plenary power in the state of Maine. The investigator will deal honestly and fairly with all. The investigator will report any infractions to the appropriate agency.
  6. The licensed legal profession will not advertise any work, skill or practice in an unprofessional manner and/or in any misleading fashion. The investigator will adhere to all provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act or any law, statute or directive applicable to the business of professional investigation. The investigator will not falsely represent the profession of licensed legal investigation. The investigator will, at all times, be properly licensed and bonded as prescribed by Maine law. Failure to do so will be immediately reported to the proper agencies for appropriate review and action if necessary.