Maine Licensed Private Investigator's Association Members

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Theodore J Axelsen III

First Protection Services, Inc.

Michael J Ballback

Follow The Green, Inc.

Donald Boston

Downeast Investigations and Security, LLC

Peter Brown

Brown Investigations

Kevin J. Cady

Cady & Associates Investigation, Inc.

Douglas Calderbank

Calderbank Investigations

Heather Carle

HLC Ventures, LLC

Jason J Casavant

Casavant Investigations

Michael Casey, LPI

RECON Surveillance Group

Mark Cayer

Maine PI Services

Aaron J Chandler

Recon Surveillance Group

Timothy Culbert

Culbert Professional Investigations Group

Thomas Cumler

Thomas Cumler, Professional Private Investigations

Dana Andrew Cunningham

Cunningham Investigations, Inc

Cindy D'Ambrosio

Malcolm Dow

Dow Security Solutions, LLC

Joline Dumond

Corporate Intelligence

Henry (Hank) Dusenbery, LPI

DSI (Dusenbery Special Investigations)

Charles "Rusty" Dyke

RECON Surveillance Group

Corey Dyke

Recon Surveillance Group

Richard O Fairfield

R.O. Fairfield Investigations, LLC

Sheryl Frisco

Alan Goodman

Lawyers Investigating Service, Inc.

Charles Graham

C.R. Graham P.I.

Rodrick Hall

Hall’s Investigations, LLC

Galen Hall

Frontline Investigations and Security

Thomas P. Joyce Jr.

T.P. Joyce Investigations, L.L.C.

Ronald A. Kramer

All Computer Solutions, Inc.

Phillip E. Latacz

Integrity Investigative Services, Inc.

David A Loranger

DAL Investigations

Gerard P. Madden


Janis Maylin

Agency Investigations

David McPherson

Mark Metcalf

Atlantic Claims Investigation Services

Terry Nordmann

Cardinal Point

Clifford (Kip) L. O'Brien Jr.

C.L. O'Brien, Jr. & Associates

Anthony Orlando

Northeast Investigations

James Pfleging

Firmitas Investigations

Corey W Porter

Unity Surveillance and Investigations LLC

Troy Richardson

Bangor Private Investigations

Donald E. Saastamoinen, BS, MS, CAS, LCPC, CLI (1989-99)

Thomas A. Santaguida

Dirigo Investigations, LLC

Mark A Sperrey

Sperrey Investigations, LLC

Henry Stevenson

Stevenson Associates

Kevin J. Surette

Surette Consulting & Investigations

Mark F. Teceno

DBA Mark F. Teceno, Licensed Polygraph Examiner & Professional Investigator

Joseph D. Thornton

Joseph D. Thornton, LLC

Mark Tucker

F.Y.I. Investigations

Michael Tuminaro

BlackRock Investigations & Consulting

Bradley White

Whites Investigations

Sharon E Worcester

Worcester Investigations

Associate Members

An Associate member does not have a Maine Private Investigators License. They may hold an out of state license or be licensed in Maine as an assistant.

Anita Bobee

Barton Agency and Background Plus

Jennifer Dorman

Lifetime Members

Howard Leavitt

Walter Metcalf

Jacqui Metcalf