Contact MLPIA

Thank you for visiting the MLPIA website. We hope that you will use this site often to find an investigator for all your investigative needs in the great state of Maine. For information concerning membership, please go to the JOIN NOW page on this site.

For general information or further information concerning membership to MLPIA, please email us using the form below or mail correspondence to:

Maine Licensed Private Investigators Association
PO Box 1645
Portland, ME 04104-1645

If you’re seeking to hire a private investigator in Maine, please contact any of the MLPIA members to assist you located on the MEMBERS page on this site. If you need to verify if a private investigator is licensed in Maine or have questions on how to become licensed, please contact the Gaming, Weapons, Licensing and Inspection Unit of the Maine Department of Public Safety at the following address:

Special Investigative Unit
Physical:45 Commerce Drive
Mailing: State House Station 164
Augusta Maine 04333

Telephone: (207) 624-7210
Fax: 207-287-3424

If you need immediate attention on a matter, please contact the MLPIA president or any of the Board of Directors to assist you.

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